Nightmare Unknown


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 Lou has been around for a long time.

When he came crashing down to earth, mankind had yet to discover fire. Today, Lou roams Masson trying to keep himself hidden from two groups, one known as the Crypt and the other known as the Factory.

The Crypt wants to put him to sleep for all eternity, since his sleep pattern brain waves influence humanity’s mental evolution; the Factory wants to cut him open and root around to see what makes Lou tick. Neither option seems very appealing to Lou.

The tale takes an abrupt turn as Lou is abducted by a strange man with a steady aim. The man’s main goal: Sell Lou to the highest bidder—or at least, that’s what he says…Together with Illustrator Rob Dumo., writer James Maddox crafts a tale that spans centuries and cultures. So prepare yourselves, dear readers, for tales of a different kind…

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