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Zipman fights crime harder than any other hero– which isn’t always a good thing. Eccentrix brings the tale of a hero who is as unsettling as he is effective. New from Broken Icon Comics, this series brings the messed up tale of the hero you hope you never, ever need.

“I’d understand if you mistook [Eccentrix] to be an uncharacteristically original new title from one of the major professional publishers.
“But instead, it’s something better: Up-and-coming creators delivering genuinely unpredictable, top-tier comics.” – From the forward by James Asmus


We’ve received a truckload of great reviews for Eccentrix!

Comic Bastards digs Eccentrix #1, and so should you! [Full Article]
– “…Maddox does an incredible job of building the world and characters…”
– “…a really fun and well-plotted superhero comic book.”

NerdSpan gave us a glowing recommendation! [Full Article]
– “Rob Dumo’s illustrations and Nicholas Wentland’s colors combine to create a vibrant and intriguing comic. ”

Spartantown has provided a fantastic review of Eccentrix #1! [Full Article]
– “…edgy, violent, with a sly sense of humor.”
– “…an intriguing set-up that feels original with enough moral ambiguity to cloud the definition of what makes a hero.”




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