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What if a child could wield total power? Such is the question that sets off B.I.C.’s new six-part series PANNED! Based on the J.M. Barrie classic, this particular tale follows widowed salesman Steven Crespo as he is adult-napped from his daily life and dropped inexplicably into Neverland to serve as the island’s newest Captain Hook.

In PANNED!, the mysteries of Neverland’s present and past are explored with imagination and innovation, keeping the spirit and wonder of the literary classic alive while taking it to new levels of interpretation.

Without the flattering light of heroism given to him in the novel, Peter Pan isn’t exactly as charming as one might have read. Pan is simply a little boy that won’t go to bed, won’t listen to grown-ups, and refuses to accept “No” for an answer. Ever si

nce the death of the original captain of the Jolly Roger, new Hooks have been brought to Neverland and treated like shiny new toys. Only when the toy gets too boring or is killed does the cycle begin all over again in an almost ritualistic fashion.

PANNED! begins with the recently widowed Steven Crespo waking up to find he is no

longer near his depressing life as a salaryman. Instead, he’s dressed in old-fashioned sailing garb, has a head of lush and long black hair, and wears a hook where his right hand should be. In a nutshell, he as been kidnapped by an all-powerful child, and must contribute to the game, discover what action set off Peter Pan’s recurring cycle, or suffer the consequences.

Main characters:

Steven Crespo:

A businessman who’s been hitting the bottle a little hard for the past few months, Crespo is recuperating from the loss of his wife. On most mornings, Crespo wakes up in the clothes in which he worked the previous day. When he leaves his apartment for work, however, he’s dressed in a fresh suit, which will then be soiled as he attends his favorite bar, loosens his tie and drinks away the evening hours. As Hook, Crespo embodies all the characteristics of the book Peter Pan and Wendy, meaning he will be a grotty caricature of Charles II.

Peter Pan:

Pan is a spoiled brat and self-assured as all get-out; characteristics which are made evident in his mannerisms. He will never be surprised by anything, because he will always think that he could have done better. Peter is also afflicted by having no memory to speak of, though he does seem to keep
the image of Hook in his thoughts.

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