Here’s a collection of blurbs and review quotes for my works.
I look to this page whenever I need a pick-me-up.



“A couple days ago, I read a truly excellent self-published comic called CLOWN (it kind of defies description, but you want it)…” – Gail Simone (Batgirl, Red Sonja, Deadpool)

“James Maddox and Brandon Lauhon craft a dynamic, personal tale in the midst of a parallel world that commands your attention.” – James Tynion IV (Memetic, The Woods, Batman Eternal, The House in the Wall)

“Every time you think you can see where James Maddox’ Clown is heading it veers off into a different direction to create a truly compelling and bizarre story.” – Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

“Maddox does more in 32 pages than a lot of comics do in a stack of issues. It’s a story that really hits you in both the mind and emotions.” – Cody Ferrell, Comic Book Therapy

“James Maddox wrote a wonderful book that combines much of what could be, with more than a sprinkle of what is… Clown is one of the best books I’ve had in a while.” — JC Ciesielski, FanBoy Comics

“Maddox, in a very short story, creates a fully defined character with a point of view, and ends his tale with enough laid out that it compels, but with plenty to think about after its conclusion.” – Jeremy Radick, Nerds Unchained 

“Great stories, creative art and making that personal connection to the reader are what every writer and artist strives for and in my opinion this book did all of that.” – Timothy Mason, Regeeken

“A mix of far bigger ideas across 32-pages than a lot series cram into a number of issues…” – Gary Watson, Comics Anonymous

“Where some comics fail by trying to spoon-feed the reader a lot of information in the first couple pages, Clown let’s you enjoy the ride.” – Dave Markowski, Superhero Speak



Listed in Best Indie Comics of 2013 by Comic Bastards

“An excellent indie horror book with a wholly original premise.” – Mike Carey (The Unwritten, Lucifer, Suicide Risk)

“THE DEAD is an ambitious, sprawling mix of horror, fantasy, and heart. James Maddox has crafted an intriguing story, and Jen Hickman is definitely one to watch.” – Robert Venditti (The Surrogates, Green Lantern, The Flash and X-O Manowar)

“[THE DEAD] leaps and bounds better than 90% of the comics published monthly.” – Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards

“THE DEAD is a white-knuckle ripper, expertly paced, unique, and visually arresting. Rich in character, voice, and thrills, THE DEAD is fully realized in every way. Definitely a ‘must read’ comic.” – Ryan Ferrier (Curb Stomp, Sons of Anarchy, D4VE, The Bros. James)

“The Dead is a fun combination of monsters, hunters and intrigue.” – Dane Cypel, ComiXology Unbound

“This story has everything: action, comedy, drama, and monsters.” – David Melton, Coming Up Comics

The Dead is probably one of my new favorite indie comics to date and I can’t wait to read more of the series.” – Desiree Rodriguez, Women Write About Comics

“I’m not sure where The Dead is going just yet, but that’s part of the fun. It’s unpredictable.” — HorrorTalk

“Beautiful, kinetic, and boundlessly imaginative.” – Pat Shand (Robyn Hood, Grimm Fairy Tales)

“The Dead is an inspired concept that takes a century old idea to a whole new level. Maddox and Hickman seem to be the perfect pair to bring this daring story to life.” — Geeks With Wives

“Loved the art, and the story has a very House of Mystery vibe to it. Looking forward to more.” – Decapitated Dan, Comic Related

“I don’t know that I completely understand what’s going on in this book, but I do like it. I’m in…” – Billy Dunleavy, Comic Attack!

“Maddox’s tale has many antecedents… but he manages to add enough embellishments to keep his story fresh and intriguing, creating a richly textured world with almost limitless storytelling possibilities.” – Tony Caballero, Fanboy Comics

“I love comics that present worlds that I could never have imagined. I could never have imagined the world of THE DEAD.” — Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin

“Hickman gives the book a really nice art-style which manages to be as fluid and varied as Maddox’s writing.” – We the Nerdy

“James Maddox and Jen Hickman have a very wonderful series on their hands that I am sure horror and indie fans will delight in reading. I give The Dead my highest possible recommendation…” —Richard Cardenas, PopCults

“The Dead is not only an excellent horror comic, it’s also the best indie comic I have read all year.” —Ari Carr, Comics & Cookies

“Maddox again crafts a layered story with some really trippy ideas.” – Cody Ferrell, Comic Book Therapy

“I’ll just say that THE DEAD is pretty damn amazing.” – Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards



“I’d Understand if you mistook [Eccentrix] to be an uncharacteristically original new title from one of the major professional publishers. But instead, it’s something better: Up-and-coming creators delivering genuinely unpredictable, top-tier comics.” — From the foreword by James Asmus

“This story rocks. But then, I have a soft spot for idiot superheroes.” — Daniel Way

“…Maddox does an incredible job of building the world and characters…”
“…a really fun and well-plotted superhero comic book.” — Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards

“…edgy, violent, with a sly sense of humor.”

“…an intriguing set-up that feels original with enough moral ambiguity to cloud the definition of what makes a hero.” — Spartantown

“Rob Dumo’s illustrations and Nicholas Wentland’s colors combine to create a vibrant and intriguing comic. ” — NerdSpan



Listed in Best Indie Comics of 2013 by Comic Bastards

Best Book You Never Heard Of in 2013 by Decapitated Dan & Comic Attack

“Check out “THE HORROR SHOW”. A fantastic little foray into the world of “EC” style retro storytelling with plenty of action, gore and twists. Written by James Maddox and drawn in moody, vicious style by Todd Beistel, this book will surprise you.” – Mark Kidwell (’68)

“In just sixteen pages, it became the single greatest horror comic book I have ever read.” — Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards

“The creative team of James Maddox and Todd Beistel have a winner on their hands with this book. It makes me want to go to their homes and scream at them to make more… This issue was too short and too damn good for it to just be a one shot.” – Decapitated Dan, Comic Attack

“…this book in particular has stood out to me all year-long. The story is short and sweet, but the payoff is so damn incredible that it blew my mind.” – Dustin Cabeal from Comic Bastards’ “Best Indie Books of 2013″

“The first rule of The Horror Show should be, ‘Don’t talk about The Horror Show,’ because it’s one of those things you need to experience for yourself.” — Kristine Chester, Fanboy Comics

“The Horror Show is an excellent short comic that must be appreciated.” — Mike Peluso, Comic Monsters

“…it’s a damn fine comic and I want more.” – Denise Dutton, Comic Related



“If you’re a fan of sci-fi, horror, or just great storytelling and art, you have to check this book out. 5/5” – Adam Kelly, Comic Bastards



“Nightmare Unknown #1, from indie publisher Broken Icon Comics, is the type of unique book that makes comics published outside the mainstream big two worth reading.” – Andy Fisk, Comic Book Bin

“With a dash of action and a cliffhanger ending, any fan of Sin City will be hooked for the long haul.” – David Hinspeter, Comic Booked

“Overall, a pretty clever little creation…” – Paul Baumeister, The Pullbox

Nicely paced and intelligent…” – Dustin Carson (Author of No Gods)