Short Fiction


Leeches & Men:

With the threat of vampires made public, the world has adapted to their existence. But has humanity gotten too comfortable for its own good?

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Read by Ben Phillips

He tongued the tooth and felt the slick little slivers that protruded from the cavities in his molar. He’d done this to himself, letting it get as bad as it was, he knew that, and he was about to end it himself as well; no Dr. Lynch needed. Clamp, pull, and no more troubles.

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Final Moments of Hope:

“We dipped into the mystery a little too deep this time,” he said. The revolver held steady under his chin. His eyes locked onto hers, a glimmer of hope shining in the pupils. The hope hit hardest, suggesting that after all they’d been through, all they’d survived, maybe some relief existed in death.

“We dipped into the mystery just a little too deep,” he’d said, then pulled the trigger and was gone, leaving her alone in that sullied cabin. The idea was to fix the place into a summer home, but now she was left alone with her dead boyfriend’s forsaken dreams: her, the cabin, and that damn book. The hefty volume had been kicked into… [CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY]