CLOWN tells of former-journalist Jared Bastian who now makes his living as a clown for a roaming circus. When a group of revolutionaries attempt to spread their message of resistance during his performance, Jared put a forceful stop to it and found himself at the center of the Empire’s attention. CLOWN is written by James Maddox and illustrated by Brandon Lauhon.

NEW UPDATE: CLOWN has been published to ComiXology: CLICK HERE
Check out Jared’s former newspaper The United Gear Herald:  CLICK HERE


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  1. Roy C says:

    Ran across Clown on Comixology last week. The cover art intrigued me so I took a chance and bought the issue. I really enjoyed it! In 32 pages I felt like I was able to understand who the character of Jared Bastian was, and who he wasn’t. Really liked it, and hope others take a chance on it.

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