The Horror Show


Read what creator Mark Kidwell (’68) calls “A fantastic little foray into the world of EC-style, retro storytelling with plenty of action, gore and twists.”

Two friends take a weekend at an old cabin, hoping for relaxation and catching up over beers. But their reunion is cut short by an onslaught of horror. What happens next is a surprise to everyone involved.

The Horror Show is a is a grueling short comic from creator James Maddox (Nightmare Unknown, The Dead, Blue Nemesis) and Todd Beistel (Yuri: Gypsy Hunter). It’s pages provide the best in independent comic publishing, and is provided free of charge by Broken Icon Comics.


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Need More Convincing? How about some fantastic reviews:

• Featured as Decapitated Dan’s “Best Book You Never Heard Of“:
“The creative team of James Maddox and Todd Beistel have a winner on their hands with this book. It makes me want to go to their homes and scream at them to make more… This issue was too short and too damn good for it to just be a one shot.”

• Listed in Comic Bastards’ Best in Indie Comics of 2013:
“…this book in particular has stood out to me all year-long. The story is short and sweet, but the payoff is so damn incredible that it blew my mind.”

• “The first rule of The Horror Show should be, ‘Don’t talk about The Horror Show,’ because it’s one of those things you need to experience for yourself.” — Kristine Chester, Fanboy Comics

• “This comics gets an A+ on concept and execution.” — Sheena McNeil, Sequential Tart

• “In just sixteen pages, it became the single greatest horror comic book I have ever read.” — Dustin Cabeal, Comic Bastards

• “The Horror Show is an excellent short comic that must be appreciated.” — Mike Peluso, Comic Monsters