Steampunks & Fairies and Post-Apocalypses

Yesterday, I began work on what I assumed would be a 5000 word short story with a focus on the post-apocalypse. Now 4000 words into the damn thing, I am expecting the word count to be closer to 15,000. Not that I’m complaining (I rather enjoy my main character and the situations she’s finding herself in), but this one’s keeping me separated from another story with which I’d invested myself deeply. This other project, a novel that had been giving me some grief before last month, was started well before Pete had approached me with yet another cool collaboration idea, but Pete’s project came with a deadline, and we know how much I do adore a difficult deadline.
Luckily, this was turned in after I had completed edits and revisions to the Maddox/Moser Steampunk & Fantasy hybrid. This comic is going to reign supreme by the time we get five issues in, but for now, we’re simply trying to settle on an artist.
In other news: Eric has been working like mad to get some of the Broken Icon titles put into trade paperback (among them Nightmare Unknown) and he’s been pushing equally as hard (and succeeding) to get Tricon outfitted with a diverse amount of guests. Lastly, Dumo and I are finishing up our preview pages of a new graphic novel we’ll be trying to sell to publishers.
I think we’re about 20 minutes from putting the latest issue of the paper to bed, and all I fan think about is going and getting a drink at the Brewery, then getting up tomorrow and returning to the desk. My lovely, lovely desk!

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After completing titles like the critically acclaimed The Horror Show and Nightmare Unknown, Maddox has continued his comic career with stories like The Dead, Clown, and Arkham Pulp. A versatile and prolific creator, Maddox has quickly found and impressed his audience. Website: Twitter:
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