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The talk surrounding the Huntington-based band Qiet has been on the rise since they first took the stage in 2009. What started out as an eclectic arrangement of musicians and instruments has recently grown into a focused arts collective, incorporating everything from music to illustrations to the written word.

Qiet performs at Athens’ brew pub, Jackie O’s.

As a group, Qiet challenges how people see West Virginia’s music and arts scene. With a sound that is both eclectic and contagious, the band’s mix of gypsy jazz and modern rock pleases crowds again and again. A wide range of instrumentation accompanies front man Christopher Harris’s guitar and vocals, including accordion, musical saw, bass, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, cello, violin, piano, drums, euphonium, clarinet, and a slew of other instruments. Such a wide range of sounds makes for an audibly diverse concert, but the energy the band brings to the stage is what really makes each Qiet show a force to be seen.

The band has also begun to stage self-contained concerts that include more festivities than what you might see during your average visit to the club. For example, on December 3, Qiet hosted a Carnival Night at Huntington’s downtown club, Icon. The evening consisted of a charmingly chaotic show filled with not only music, but also a number of sideshow acts. In the club’s main room, attendees were invited to interact with attractions that included a coin-operated ballerina, a Qiet kissing booth (staffed by saxophone player Jake Arnoldt), a Polinko challenge (with prizes), a tarot card reader, and other curiosities. The club was completely redecorated by members and friends of the band.

As you can see, Qiet brings more to the table than what is normally expected from a band. Currently, the group is workings on its sophomore album to follow up the debut, Composition #7.

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