Christmas Decor and Ornaments

  Okay, so if you haven’t noticed yet, I take a certain amount of pride in my home’s Christmas decor. Not to say that I go all out and have holiday music softly playing throughout the day, or even that I make sure that every room of my house is festively themed. However, I do love to put up a tree and even toss a few lights on the outside fixtures. It’s a task that’s easily accomplished and I have some fun in the process.

Still, I think the main factor that gets me so psyched about christmas decorating (the catalyst that moves the entire process) is the setting up and decorating of the Christmas tree—not because of what the tree stands for as a symbol or any nonsense like that, but moreover because it allows me to get out my ornaments.

Mary and I have a few traditions when we go out traveling. One of the most important of these is to buy tree ornaments from wherever we seem to find ourselves. Something about going through these memories gives me a fuzzy feeling inside and sets me up for a great Christmas season.

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