Yay for Productivity!

Yay for productivity! This month, I will have…

• Produced 43 pages of fully edited prose (working with a new novel, some short stories, etc.)

• Managed, co-edited and wrote for a bi-weekly newspaper (the majority of editing/writing gets taken care of by Callie Lyons and our other awesome contributors, thank goodness)

• Made advances toward an organized weekend festival to be held in August with an attendance count set to be near the 1000/day marker (this along with Ryan Smith and Hallie Taylor)

• Managed new directions for Broken Icon Comics with my partners

• Completed a fully edited script that could potentially be produced into a comic book and began pre-planning for a new series (hopefully with Rob Dumo. as the artist!)

• Finished up more scripts for The Cosmic Indifference (with art by Dave Snider)

• Printed and compiled comic books that have already gone through production

• Helped create advertising approaches for The Anchor (along with Luke Bates and Tori Taylor)

• Updated a website on a regular schedule (along with Popov Vladimir) and another two with less frequency

• Assisted in creating 2 new websites for new clients (again with Vlad)

• Delivered 5000 newspapers to 186 stops every other week (though this responsibility is being taken off my plate; thanks Billy!)

• Played guitar with some degree of success

• Traveled to a few new locations with Mary (which isn’t really work, more just fun)

• Made progress in learning to draw (I’ve gone from horrible to just plain bad! Success!)

• Played Portal 2 into the ground (worth every second spent on it)

• Read Doloris Claiborne and Rose Madder back to back (been on a Stephen King kick lately), read the new Silent Hill arch from IDW (awesome), and started Rendezvous in Black.

• Wrote this update!

About James

After completing titles like the critically acclaimed The Horror Show and Nightmare Unknown, Maddox has continued his comic career with stories like The Dead, Clown, and Arkham Pulp. A versatile and prolific creator, Maddox has quickly found and impressed his audience. Website: http://www.jamesmaddox.net/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jamescmaddox
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