Self-Pub Article on Gail Simone’s Comics Survival Kit

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.42.45 AMGail Simone officially launched her Comics Survival Kit on Tumblr!
This thing has great articles by the best creators in the industry, including one by me on self-publishing! (I think that’s a bit “whoo-hoo!” worthy.)

If you’re aspiring comic creator, definitely give this thing a read, and keep up with any new updates.

A big thanks to Gail for the opportunity to talk comics, and a big thanks to my comic partner in crime Eric Watkins for putting us in the same room so I could hand her some of my books to read in the first place.

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After completing titles like the critically acclaimed The Horror Show and Nightmare Unknown, Maddox has continued his comic career with stories like The Dead, Clown, and Arkham Pulp. A versatile and prolific creator, Maddox has quickly found and impressed his audience. Website: Twitter:
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