Derby City Comic Con Wrap Up


Derby City Comic Con Wrap Up Time!
What a great show! Headed by Chuck Moore, the organizers really care about the medium and the creators in the house are the best from the region and beyond. 

There are a bunch of people that make these shows an amazing experience comics-wise and so many others that make it simply a great time with friends.


To Eric Watkins (we finally get to take a break from shows and regain some sanity!),Todd Beistel ArtistLora Innes (I’m at least going to get a commission of a bot next time I see you), Michael MayneGavin Smith (though I can never get him to hit a post-show bar with me, dammit!), Mark KidwellMonica Kidwell, Robert Venditti (who still isn’t on fb), Brian LevelJustin StewartChris CharltonDustin Carson,Enrica JangVictor Dandridge JrTony MielloJay KingTressa BowlingAaron DetrickKenneth R KoepnickJesse NobleJarrod GreerJaime GreerGinny TonicKim BoltonEric AdamsStephen B. ScottDirk Manning, you all made this weekend one hell of a time. It was good to know there were so many friendly faces to chat/scheme with in one location.

Also, it was good to see fellow creators Rodney FykeMike Eshelman and Todd Goodman working their magic on the floor, and to finally speak with Heidi Werner Zelch in person.

I had a few friendly chats with amazing comic creators Tony Moore and Christina Blanch. I wish I had caught Mark Waid at his table to say hey, but it wasn’t in the cards (for this show or Heroes Con!).

As for swag, I picked up an awesome one-shot from the series ’68 (seriously, read that series), some great books from Red Stylo Media, the newest trade from The Dreamer (seriously, read that series), some beautiful new toys from ROMA Collectibles, a Daredevil script by Waid, a Spider commission by Tressa Bowling, and a bunch of trades I’ve been meaning to read for some time (Wormwood, Old Man Logan, etc.). A pretty good haul that should keep me occupied until Baltimore.

Lastly, Ford Theatre Reunion rocked socks. If you missed their set at the after party, you missed out on livin’. (Love you guys and gal.)

All in all, business was done, friends were made, comics were discussed. I’m marking Derby City a resounding success and looking forward to next year.

Now, I’m going back to shooting a few scripts around and getting some story pitches prepared, and writing more on The Dead and a new project (oooooooh, what could it be????) I’m also looking at some weird old comics that Mary found for me while I was away (what can I say, she gets me).

ALSO, BIG NEWS: The release of my short story Clown on ComiXology is this Wednesday! I’ve been getting a crazy (and unexpected) amount of thumbs up for it, so I’m really excited to see how it goes over with a larger audience.

Thanks again to everyone for a fantastic weekend, even the people I missed and/or forgot. It was—dare I say—magical.

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After completing titles like the critically acclaimed The Horror Show and Nightmare Unknown, Maddox has continued his comic career with stories like The Dead, Clown, and Arkham Pulp. A versatile and prolific creator, Maddox has quickly found and impressed his audience. Website: Twitter:
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