Comic Convention Schedule 2013

The Broken Icon Creative Team is missing Kevin Steward badly.

Look at me in my cool fedora at Gem City Con! And yes, I am wearing a suit jacket over a hoodie. I stole the look off of Tristan Kelly, who is also seen here with Rob Dumo, Eric Watkins and Todd Beistel. Photo by Chuck Moore of Comic Related

My convention schedule is beginning to quickly fill with shows I’ll be visiting and attending. If you happen to be at any of these shows, feel free to stop me in the aisles and say hello! There may be more added to this schedule, but so far, this is where you can spot me:


The Tri-State Comic ConApril 6 – The convention which I co-founded and the cause of much teeth-gnashing and sleepless nights, Tricon has become (despite all the effort) one of my favorite endeavors. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a big party with their favorite comic creators? Luckily, I have Eric Watkins taking on this gargantuan task with me; splitting up the duties is definitely a big relief.

The Steampunk Empire SymposiumApril 26, 27 & 28 – My first steampunk convention! I will be wearing a suit to commemorate the occasion. My professional reason for attending this shindig is that it’s a QIET performance, but this show has had my ear since they announced it. In 2012, a scheduling conflict kept me from attending, but this year, I cleared the date. While Qiet will be rocking the SES stage, we’ve also collaborated on a newspaper that takes place in a fictional steampunk work of my creation. These will be available at Qiet shows, as well as through PDF on my site and theirs. More on that soon!

Motor City ConMay 18 & 19 – Never been to Motor City Con, but such great things have reached me about it that we jumped at chance to exhibit this year. Broken Icon and I will be in full force there with Horror Shows and Nightmare Unknowns, but I’ll also be talking with Steve Scott about an awesome, super-secret (but not really) project that we’ve got in the works.

Derby City Comic ConJune 29 – Derby City is always a great time. This was the first show Broken Icon attended after we made the firm decision to commit to Tricon, and the show owners and organizers were a big help with providing information and encouragement. We always have a great time at this show.

Fan Expo TorontoAugust 22 & 25 – Never been, but have heard nothing be amazing things.

Baltimore Comic ConSeptember 7 & 8 – Baltimore always holds a special place in my heart for being both the first convention I ever attended and also the first convention I ever exhibited with. Always a fun show with great exhibitors and guests. If you haven’t gone, you’re missing the best comic-centric show on the east coast.

Attending: Boston Comic Con; Wizard World Ohio; New York City Comic Con


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