Printing for Panned #1 Begins!

Today, Broken Icon Comics completed the first quarter of our print run for Panned #1 and the book looks absolutely beautiful! Not to say that it was all easy going, but just to see our hard work take tangible form has been well worth the effort. For the next week, we’ll be continuing to produce the first run of this title which was conceived by James Maddox and Nate Wooley, written by James, and then magnificently illustrated by Antonio Dahora (who is currently hard at work on the next Panned issue). The immensely talented Kyle Crabtree provided the colors on the front cover. Continue to check back here for the next couple of weeks to see what else we’ll have coming from Broken Icon Comics.

Major thanks to Jordana Bungard and SW Graphics in Parkersburg for their help on this and other projects. If you have any printing needs, be sure to check them out at and give them some love.

About James

After completing titles like the critically acclaimed The Horror Show and Nightmare Unknown, Maddox has continued his comic career with stories like The Dead, Clown, and Arkham Pulp. A versatile and prolific creator, Maddox has quickly found and impressed his audience. Website: Twitter:
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