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So I’m thinking of changing this website to “I know I said I’d be back with more, but…”.

Here’s the latest on what’s going on with the Great Maddox.

Starting about a month ago, the newspaper/print shop I was helping out with changed hands and about six weeks after that event, the new owner said the doors were going to be closing for good. Translation: You’re out of a job and the resources you were going to use for your comics venture. Better luck in your future endeavors.

However, for those who know me, I’m never satisfied just with idle time. So, seeing the need for a community newspaper in my town, I decided I’d studied enough on the subject of publishing that I could make a go of putting out a bi-weekly paper with the help of a few friends. I gathered a writer who had a number of contacts, gathered a designer, and gathered the support of a number of very helpful supporters, and about a month later on Wednesday, April 14, 2010, The Anchor was unleashed on the town of Marietta. Strangely, this hasn’t harmed my comic writing endeavors in any way. Productivity, if nothing else, has gone up through all the organizing and high wind of my newest endeavor, but the truth is, my prose work has been completely set aside, and any recording I hoped to have done on Stray Shadows has fallen away completely.

Now, I know from past experience that any promises I make on the recording front will be completely neglected in the future, which will in turn make me look like an ass for not following through on my hopes of having new episodes up soon. So instead of promising new recordings, I’m just going to say they’ll get done on no set time schedule and hope for the time to present itself to me as my other projects calm down.

How authors like Sigler and Hutchins do it, I’ll never understand; but for me, I’m too much of a perfectionist to drop stuff out on a weekly basis, which is not to say that I’m not producing anything; far from it. Here’s a list of all the projects I’m involved with at the moment:

Stray Shadows (Author): Finished novel; in-progress podiobook.

Me & My Guns (Co-author): Finished novel written by Adicus Garton & Myself; future podiobook.

Elephants (Author): In-progress novel.

Broken Icon Comics (Chief Editor/Co-founder): Comic label working on publishing several titles.

Panned (Author/Co-creator): Graphic Novel based on the characters in Peter Pan.

Noir (Author/Creator): Upcoming comic series set in a crime noir-based city of surrealism.

The Limits (Author/Co-creator): Comic series.

Maelstrom (Author/Co-creator): Graphic novel of piracy.

The Anchor (Operations/Writing/Editing): An independent news source that hits stands bi-weekly.

Press (Co-creator): A 4-8 panel comic co-created by James Maddox and Kyle Crabtree.

The B.I.C. Creators (Co-creator/Co-writer): Four-panel comic of the Broken Icon Creators.

Three Men in a Boat (Creator): One-panel comic featuring a statue in Downtown Marietta.

About James

After completing titles like the critically acclaimed The Horror Show and Nightmare Unknown, Maddox has continued his comic career with stories like The Dead, Clown, and Arkham Pulp. A versatile and prolific creator, Maddox has quickly found and impressed his audience. Website: Twitter:
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