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Derby City Comic Con!

[Only my serious face will do when dressing a table. Photo by Eric Watkins] Mary and I had an absolutely wonderful time at the Derby City Comic Con. Along with Eric, we were able to sell a great deal of … Continue reading

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Yuri Gypsy Hunter

Me taking part in Yuri the comic’s “Faces of Yuri” fun. It took everything I had not to run away with that Telecaster.

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A Special Message from James Maddox: Con Season

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Travels in NYC: Christmas 2010

My return exploratory trip to Manhattan had me and Mary covering a great deal of territory in a 3-day span. The more we saw, the more we wanted to stay (especially since the day of our departure dropped more snow on NYC and New Jersey than you could shake a stick at (I don’t know if that metaphor works so well there…)). Alas, we’re back home now and sharing our pictures and impressions. Continue reading

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