Review: Omnicomic & Nerd Machine

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The Nerd Machine posted up Jonathan Pilley’s Omnicomic review of Clown in an indie spotlight, and man are we in some good company!

Check out the review HERE!

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Monthly Newsletter Coming Soon

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I’m trying out a monthly newsletter. If you’d like to get news about my comic endeavors delivered to your inbox, check it out. The first composition will be sent on Monday at 9am sharp!

Signing up is easy. Type your email address in the newsletter box on the right sidebar.

Then you wait…

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Zombified by Todd Beistel


Today’s daily warm-up sketch card from artist Todd Beistel is me!

If you haven’t checked out his art, you should treat yourself and check it out (www, And if you really want to see some great work from Todd, check out his work on our book The Horror Show. I’m really lucky to have teamed up with Todd, and I gotta say, this is just the latest piece of art in a long list of art from him to make me smile. Thanks, Todd!

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Self-Pub Article on Gail Simone’s Comics Survival Kit

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.42.45 AMGail Simone officially launched her Comics Survival Kit on Tumblr!
This thing has great articles by the best creators in the industry, including one by me on self-publishing! (I think that’s a bit “whoo-hoo!” worthy.)

If you’re aspiring comic creator, definitely give this thing a read, and keep up with any new updates.

A big thanks to Gail for the opportunity to talk comics, and a big thanks to my comic partner in crime Eric Watkins for putting us in the same room so I could hand her some of my books to read in the first place.

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Clown Hits ComiXology!


Clown was released on ComiXology this past Wednesday, and the reception has been awesome! Thanks to everyone who’s reading this little tale from Brandon and myself. We’re very happy you’ve chosen to spend your dollar with us. The support is much appreciated!

If you haven’t grabbed a copy yet, CLICK HERE or on the image below.


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Press Page Added


With new reviews inbound, a section for quotes and blurbs has been added.
Go see what’s being said about my work by people who read a lot of comics!


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Drunk On Comics Spotlights Clown

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One of my favorite comics podcasts was nice enough to give Clown a spotlight on their “Indie Turnpike” segment. Our bit comes in a few seconds before the 58 minute mark, but honestly, you should listen to the whole thing and enjoy yourself.

Check it out by CLICKING HERE!

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Comic Book Therapy Reviews Clown

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“Maddox does more in 32 pages than a lot of comics do in a stack of issues. It’s a story that really hits you in both the mind and emotions.” Cody Ferrell on Clown, Comic Book Therapy

With a quote line like the one above, you know the review has got to be good! But it gets better! Instead of just doing one review, Cody Ferrell of Comic Book Therapy decided to doing a double review of Clown and THE DEAD! He had very kind words to say about both, so be sure to go READ HERE!

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What’cha Reading Reviews Clown

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The good folks over at the comic blog What’Cha Reading shone a spotlight on Clown.

Head over and read their thoughts on this 4/5 recommendation! CLICK HERE for the link.

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Pipedream Comics Reviews Clown

My one-shot comic “Clown” continues to gain momentum! Proclaiming it the Best of ComiXology Submit for this week, this review from the UK’s Pipedream Comics had some great things to say about the story. Check it out HERE!

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