Interview: Comic Bastards Interviews DEAD Creators

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Comic Bastards posted an interview with me and Jen Hickman to follow up their review of DEAD#3. Check it out as Jen and I discuss how The Dead came to be the weird tale of monsters and rooms that it is today!

Click here for the interview link!

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Review: Fanboy Comics Covers The Horror Show #1&2

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Fanboy Comics gives a stellar review for The Horror Show #1&2!

“When the comic ended, I suffered a slight comic hangover, because I wanted nothing more than for the story to keep going.” – Angie Martin, Fanboy Comics

If you haven’t experienced this story, check out the review and then head over to Broken Icon Comics for a free PDF of THS1! — with Todd Beistel Artist

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Review: Fanboy Comics Covers Clown


Fanboy Comics wrote a wonderful review for “Clown”.

“James Maddox wrote a wonderful book that combines much of what could be, with more than a sprinkle of what is… Clown is one of the best books I’ve had in a while.” — JC Ciesielski, FanBoy Comics.

On a personal note, I’m so happy someone actually caught the Transmet reference. I thought that one was going to just float away.

Check out the review here!

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Review: 5/5 for DEAD#3 from Comic Bastards


Comic Bastards have posted their fantastic 5/5 review of DEAD#3!

“Why someone like Image, IDW or Dark Horse hasn’t picked this series up is beyond me. Its leaps and bounds better than 90% of the comics published monthly.” – Dustin Cabeal

Check out the review here!

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Review: Regeeken Spotlights Clown

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Regeeken gives “Clown” a great article on the mechanics of the story and emotion.

Great stories, creative art and making that personal connection to the reader are what every writer and artist strives for and in my opinion this book did all of that.”

Check out this great 5/5 review!

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Review: Women Write About Comics on Clown / The Dead

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Both THE DEAD & Clown were given a spotlight today by the comic blog Women Write About Comics! With some fantastic things to say about both series, I’m especially humbled by the kind words reviewer Desiree Rodriguez had to say about my writing style and approaches.

Check out the review here!

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Self-Pub Article on Gail Simone’s Comics Survival Kit

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.42.45 AMGail Simone officially launched her Comics Survival Kit on Tumblr!
This thing has great articles by the best creators in the industry, including one by me on self-publishing! (I think that’s a bit “whoo-hoo!” worthy.)

If you’re aspiring comic creator, definitely give this thing a read, and keep up with any new updates.

A big thanks to Gail for the opportunity to talk comics, and a big thanks to my comic partner in crime Eric Watkins for putting us in the same room so I could hand her some of my books to read in the first place.

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Review: Clown Given Thumbs Up by Nerds Unchained!

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Nerds Unchained posted a great review of Clown on their site!

“Maddox, in a very short story, creates a fully defined character with a point of view, and ends his tale with enough laid out that it compels, but with plenty to think about after its conclusion.”

Check it out here!

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Review: Omnicomic & Nerd Machine

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The Nerd Machine posted up Jonathan Pilley’s Omnicomic review of Clown in an indie spotlight, and man are we in some good company!

Check out the review HERE!

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Monthly Newsletter Coming Soon

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I’m trying out a monthly newsletter. If you’d like to get news about my comic endeavors delivered to your inbox, check it out. The first composition will be sent on Monday at 9am sharp!

Signing up is easy. Type your email address in the newsletter box on the right sidebar.

Then you wait…

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